Courtesy Car Program

Jerry’s Custom Paint and Precision’s Courtesy Car Program can save you up to $500 on a loaner car. This is a significant convenience & savings for customers who do not have rental car coverage. Enjoy up to 20 days of courtesy car use during the time your car is being repaired.

Coupon valid at the Beaverton and Bend Precision locations.

*Program Guidelines
•Good for 20 loaner car days to the insured without rental coverage only. •Claimants not eligible.
•Driver must be at least 20 years of age, have current Oregon driver’s license and have existing vehicle collision and liability insurance that can be transferred to Precision’s loaner car.•Scheduling is subject to loaner car availability.
•Precision must make customer’s collision repairs. •Loaner car days compiled by dividing total labor hours by 5.
•Customer responsible for gas, insurance and any excess mileage charge. •Offer not transferable or upgradable. No side agreements by anyone will be honored.

For complete terms & conditions, please contact Precision Body & Paint’s Loaner Car Department.



Collision repair for modern vehicles is much more than making your car look good on the surface. The modern engineering of cars requires an experienced technician and state of the art equipment to ensure your car will not only look good again, but will be safe again.

We are proud to offer factory certified collision repair for over 20 manufacturers. In addition, we are the only Audi-certified auto body repair shop in Oregon.

Audi Certified Auto Body Repair

Whatever you drive, you can rely on Jerry’s Custom Paint & Collision Center to repair your vehicle with careful attention to quality. You can be confident in the integrity of our work…from beautiful, long-lasting paint finishes to frame repairs that restore the structural soundness of the vehicle to the same as when it rolled off the assembly line.


Jerry’s Custom Paint & Collision Center with Precision Body & Paint are certified by over 20 vehicle manufacturers, and that number is growing steadily. What does that mean for you, the vehicle owner?

That means our technicians follow manufacturer procedures to restore your vehicle to pre-accident condition so you can be feel safe on the road again. We have the technology, tools and training necessary to return the complex safety system of your vehicle to it’s original integrity.

Currently, there is no requirement for body shops to have manufacturer certifications, or to use the latest safety techniques. So, why do we spend the extra time, money and resources to train our technicians on the latest aluminum welding techniques, or train them to be experts in vehicle manufactures as complex as Audi, Tesla, Porsche or Mercedes- Benz?

It’s because we believe that our customers deserve to be as safe in a subsequent accident as they were during the first. This is achieved by ensuring your vehicle is fully restored the way the manufacturer intended when they first built it at the factory.


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